The Immortal Lover

The novel “The Immortal Lover” tells of a love that have withstood the test of time.  A story of lovers who will cross any obstacles placed in their way. They are each others heart, soul and fire.  The Immortal Lover has been know down through the ages of human history his name has been heard and often feared. He’s known by many names; king of hell, demon, destroyer, Draco, all which is wrong with the world. But many have known him in a different light. A tender light. He’s the legendary lover who served as the inspiration for erotica legends worldwide. Many believe he may had been Casanova himself. Some say he’s actually Eros. While others say he is Adonis. But a few have known for sure and lived to tell the story. His heavenly name is Azazael. His fallen name is Azazel. He has existed in every human culture and society as either an Emperor, Ruler, Chief, King, prince, warrior, Duke, Marquess, Earl, Count, Viscount, or Baron but most often as god. He felt he if didn’t allow heaven to tell him what to do he most definitely was not going to take orders from creatures that were beneath him. The formerly heavenly prince, king and general has once been a Watcher over humanity. He grew weary of the tedious task and stepped out of the ethereal in the the corporeal world and have dwelt among mankind since. Down through the ages, he have had many loves. But there was one he met before the creation of our world who has always been on his mind since he lost her. He will not rest until he finds her again and make her his’ again.

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