MooNlight Howling

MooNlight Howling: poems of an existential anxiety attack sheds light on the emotion felt in understanding philosophy. Within the six chapters this anthology is compiled of, the reader is given a chance to wrestle with growth, addiction, insanity, love, society, and their own mind. It was never meant to be uplifting, nor tragic, but instead an attempt at unveiling the mechanisms of our mysterious consciousness and its interaction with an even more mysterious reality: being alive.
Feeling the passing of time over a lifetime, or in only one night. This is the kind of book that you can read in a few hours, or over several days, and feel a different experience each time. MooNlight Howling interacts with you, based on the collection of experiences you feel over the next 24 hours, to 12 months. It’s the hope of its author that whatever frame you find yourself in, this book will give you a chance at a refreshed, and sobering clarity.

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