Core of Confliction Book One

Core of Confliction: Book One in the Core Trilogy, is a character driven Space Opera where you encounter gender shifters and alien species who can morph their limbs into deadly weapons. Many readers gear towards the fantastic when it comes to shifters in fiction: Werewolves, Vampires, etc. But Maquel A Jacob likes to showcase the shifting of gender with an alien element to ask a fundamental question. What does gender diversity mean? This book gently fuels the conversation with tiny threads of insight.

Core starts off on Earth with a drug dealer named Charles, who gets transported to another planet and regains his memories, only to discover the race emerging from the brink of extinction after the destruction of their planet, Lassa. Halfar, the Supreme Ruler of Planet Azrom and the one responsible, is also on Earth. Passing time as the head of a crime organization while he prepares to invade. He would do anything for Charles…and has.

When a rogue faction of Halfar’s armada sets in motion a plan that not only leaves Earth in ruins, but threatens to expose the dark sins between himself and Charles, they face a dilemma. Remain enemies to keep their secrets safe or join forces to save an unprepared, out matched Earth and face the consequences? Either way, it will unleash a maelstrom of deceit and drawn battle lines that will change the fate of both their races.

Core of Confliction, Book One is available in e-book and paperback. You can get a copy here.

Also check out her website at and pick up the whole trilogy.

Maquel A. Jacob



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