Secrets of the Lake: A Dark Romance by Jaime Lorie Goza

Secrets of the Lake: A Dark RomanceHe showed up on my doorstep one day out of the blue, he should’ve never been let in…

Alex Dupree was a heartache in tight blue jeans and he wanted me. He was the first man to ever make my insides go white hot with just a wink of his ice blue eyes.

I should’ve run, I know that now, if I’d just have run then nothing bad would’ve ever happened…


After years of simmering, the heat just went up…

A trip to the mall had me finding a woman I’d been crazy about for years and she was finally free of my brother, or so I thought.

April Bates and I connected right away. I knew she was it for me. And I was it for her too. Things were going so well, until we moved back to our hometown and my brother decided he wanted what I had. Just like the bad old days…


April has just inherited her aunt’s lake house, a place she loved her entire life.

Alex is a blast from her past, she hoped never to lay eyes on again.

But the two do meet again and finally they have the closure his disappearance, some years back, had left both feeling was missing.

April not only inherits a home but when her friend goes to jail for a year, she inherits her three young children. Then along comes Alex’s younger brother, a music producer named Rafe, who steals her heart.

Deciding to take the children and move to the lake house seems a logical thing to do, until Alex gets wind of his brother and the woman who was once his and does not take it well.

Alex has become a very dangerous man, in a motorcycle gang with ties into drug, guns, and on occasion, human trafficking. When he decides the two cannot be together, he makes their lives a living hell.

That is until the couple takes things into their individual hands to end his torment and begin their life together.

Jaime Lorie Goza


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