Granger’s Girl – Book Review

Granger’s Girl is Jana O’Brien’s first published novel, and she plans to continue her passion and publish many more books in the future.

Granger’s Girl is more than just a story. The beautiful backdrop is amidst the mesmerizing mountain trails of the Appalachian hills, Virginia. Jerry Granger is a fifty-nine-year-old man whom every man aspired to be and every woman wanted to be with – but he was devotedly married to his wife for many years. His world seemed to turn upside down upon the unfortunate death of his beloved wife. Life crumbled down to little bits and pieces he thought were impossible to pick up. He soon lost interest in everything around and  he had nothing left to live for. Jerry abandoned his closest family members, including his very own child and his only brother.

It’s not until an all-time closest friend of Jerry’s takes control of the matter and decides that he can’t live in the pool of his own tears forever. To pull Jerry out, she must reunite his family, so she calls his son and brother to come back home and help him. But it’s not that simple. Once they all unite under one roof, they realize that they each bring their own issues to the table and are in desperate need for closure and comfort. Things take an unexpected turn when a woman shows up in the town and changes their lives forever.

Granger’s Girl is a light take on life’s toughest situations and how one deals with them. Some matters are to be dealt alone; however, others need that push to start the healing process. This book has classic romance, the bond of family and closest friends, and perseverance. Some situations push you to realize that bonds aren’t made by blood – anyone who deeply care for you can become family.

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