September (Pride and Joy Book 1) by Robert Winter

Second Chances for Romance Come At a Price…

Imagine that you’ve spent more than 15 years with the same man. You’ve built your lives, bought a nice house, travelled, made great friends, even purchased a vacation home in Provincetown together. You plan to spend the rest of your lives with each other.

Now imagine that your partner gets the diagnosis: Cancer. You fight the disease together, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

Imagine he dies at 42.

How do you rebuild your life? How do you start over in your late 40s, when everything you thought you had is stripped away?

September is a May-December romance about a man in this very situation — David James — who doesn’t know how to begin again. A sports injury lands him with physical therapist Brandon Smith. Brandon is a Texas transplant to Washington DC. He is young, vibrant, energetic, sexy … and attracted to David. But he’s going to have his work cut out for him to get David to take a chance again. Along the way, there is good food, a trip to Provincetown, but also unexpected heartache.

Robert Winter


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