Alone by Debra Dawn

Alone200Everyone feels totally alone at one point or another in their life. The writing of this book was one such time, for me. Thus, the naming of this ‘factual fiction.’ Many of the circumstances that the heroine of the book went through… I myself experienced.  I relate with passion and angst, in its writing.  Especially her love for animals.

This fiction starts out ‘harsh’ as many children face, in their unprotected lives.  But keep reading.  Men have given me the highest marks; surprisingly so.  And even more surprising is the twist and turns that will make you want to shout for joy at its justice.

All during her young childhood, she was called ugly, and believed it. All she knew was physical, verbal and emotional abuse, by the most influential person in her life; her mother. She didn’t want to hate, as she was hated. One day it all changed, when she was ‘discovered’ by one of America’s top modeling agencies. Life was looking up until while on assignment in Guam, she was kidnapped and sold to a Saudi Prince.

Would anyone love her enough to help? Will she make it out alive?

Debra Dawn


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