Pandora’s Box – Book Review

Kristina was born and raised in California. She had always been immensely passionate about writing. Her writing adventures stared as short stories and poems from a very young age. Often, her work was victimized by the censorship of her teachers who thought her words were too explicit to read out in class for her age group. She returned from her “writing sabbatical” in 2009 after getting married and birthing two children. Her return was caused by a dream, which nagged at her mind ever since she woke up from that sleep. Serenity Falls was the product of her fascinating dream – hence, her comeback. Kristina is currently working on adapting Pandora’s Box into a screenplay.

Pandora’s Box is the story of a twenty three year old mysterious girl named Pandora, who dances at a gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas. How did she end up there? Pandora lived a life plagued with the pedophilic tendencies of her abusive foster father. The gentlemen’s club was her savior from the impending doom of physical and mental torture. She dances every night for the sake of dancing, she does not acknowledge the amount of attention the visiting men throw at her, or the money. Dancing is her art, and like every artist needs a canvas, the dance floor is hers. Every night she seeks refuge from her mental demons under the spotlight and mysticism of dancing.

Eventually, the inevitable happens and she falls in love with Michael, who’s the owner of the gentlemen’s club. A tragic incident happens and Pandora is kidnapped before she even has the chance to take the first step into the life she and Michael planned to create. Upon her kidnapping, she is presented with two choices, either go with the angel who will take her to Heaven, or The Dark One, who’s offer is so tempting it addresses all of Pandora’s deepest demons, he offers her revenge. Her choice will decide just more than her own fate, now that Michael is out there waiting for her. Will she choose to indulge her desires to seek vengeance, or give into the idea of eternal peace? You will have to read it to know where she decides to go.

Kristina has included hints of black noir and paranormal simultaneously in this book, which makes reading it an unforgettable experience.

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