Counselor’s Sinful Kiss by P White

Counselor's Sinful Kiss200An innocent kiss with an old friend leads to intrigue, danger, murder, mayhem and intimate sexual situations.   Patti Cromwell, attorney extraordinaire is delivering controversial documents to a troubled world wide developer, Whirled Development.  She is surprised when she finds the project manager is long lost friend, Jimmy Warren.  A simmering passion is about to explode.  But the trouble of the developer is going to spill over as explosively as the passion.

The story is written in a five book series with increasing problems and passions leaving the reader wanting more with the ending of each book.  Patti and Jimmy need to be there for one another but with the distance between them growing it proves not an easy task.  The book moves from the high rises of New York, to the underside of the islands to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

There is suspense, romance, deception and betrayal.  Patti and Jimmy as well as their family and friends are caught up in the realization that life is not “Happy Ever After” as everyone wants to believe.  Patti and Jimmy face “whirled wide” troubles between them and the happy ever after the reader wants for them during the course of the Counselor’s Sinful Series.

I was editing books for the Co-Author and told him he needs some spice in his books.  He laughed and said “what are you talking about?”  I said “they are boring” He was offended but let me start writing with him. This is what developed from that first chapter.  It has not been easy.. We argue like brother and sister. We change each other’s writings. We tend to have differing opinions about everything but the outcome is amazing.  I have never written a book before and I have to admit that writing is not as easy as I thought it would be but the challenge is worth it and I love every minute of it.

THE COUNSELOR’S SINFUL KISS – A new Series of five books – roughly 45,000 words per book

P White


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