Logically Stupid, That’s Love by Ms. Shikha

Logically Stupid, That's Love200Kartik: Yes, I want to be successful, and that’s not a crime. Trust me, I too would have wanted the same as Ms. Stupid, but I can’t toss away my hard-work of years for a girl. We would have had a beautiful love story had she not been my boss’s daughter.

Sahana: I know he’s ambitious and doesn’t know his heart well as of now. But I’m sure one day Mr. Logical will come to my way of thinking, and we’ll have a beautiful life together thereafter.

He flirted with her for five days; she waited for him for five years, only to be shattered irrecoverably one day. Logic seems to be winning the battle, until destiny refuses to move on and adamantly brings them face-to-face again.

In the struggling moments of life and few other dearest things, heart and mind must join hands to combat and mightier shall emerge.

A love-story dedicated to the generation that never values what comes easy. Wish a few logics were a little less stupid. But nevertheless… Logically Stupid, That’s Love.

Ms. Shikha


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