Ember by Ditter Kellen

Ember200Ember Wells knows the meaning of terror. A reporter by day, her nights are spent hiding from a serial killer known as The Seeker. He’s stalked her for a year, terrorizing her through the lens of a camera.

Held prisoner by paranoia, fear becomes a lonely companion…until she meets bad boy, Angelo Dimitrov, a dark, mysterious vampire who sets her world on fire. Until one night in his arms, she discovers there’s something more to Angel than meets the eye.

Should Ember run from this stranger with the moss green eyes or give in to her heart and be burned alive…

Angelo Dimitrov is not what he seems. Sexy as sin and shrouded in secrets, he appears out of nowhere and moves in next door to Ember.

Sent to protect her from the Seeker, Angel finds himself drawn to the beautiful reporter, against his will. He’ll risk everything to keep her safe. Even if that means protecting her from himself.

As bodies continue dying around them, the enemy grows closer to destroying Ember.

With no one left to trust, Angel must fight against everything he’s ever known to discover the truth, and stop the Seeker before it’s too late.

Ditter Kellen


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