C I N: “Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin.” – Book Review

CIN is a paranormal romantic novel by Christina Leigh Pritchard. Born in South Florida, Christina Leigh Pritchard has been writing stories since the age of nine. As a child, Christina had many diaries and she used them for writing stories. Four storage boxes were required for storing and maintaining the stories Pritchard wrote between ages nine and twelve. Eventually, Christina replaced her diaries with a computer and Microsoft word became her new best friend. The genres Christina Leigh Pritchard chooses for her writings include comedy, historical romance, suspense, drama, and dark fantasy. To date, Christina has written ten books including CIN. The book is a story about a seventeen-year-old girl named Lisa Brown and her experiences in Lynn, Massachusetts.

The chief protagonist of the book is Lisa Brown, a seventeen-year-old girl. Lisa’s parents are divorced and her mother is suffering from a severe psychiatric problem. Things are falling apart for Lisa and to make matters worse, she has to leave South Florida to attend a boarding school in Lynn, Massachusetts which is known as the city of sins.

The book progresses at an addictively readable pace and is full of surprises. Every page of the book encourages you to read further and find out what’s going to happen next. Pritchard in the latter part of the book reveals some of the town’s and character’s secrets. The characters are interesting, the revelations are shocking, and the build-up is riveting. On occasions, you may find the book a bit disturbing. However, those moments are few and far between.

The conclusion of the book is not like your typical conclusion. Instead, the book ends with Lisa Brown asking herself a lot of questions—questions that will be answered in the forthcoming books in the series. CIN is an extremely well written book and definitely worth reading.

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