Destiny’s Call: Shattered Empire by E. Markus Sharp

Destiny's Call200A thousand Years ago the Witch-King arrived and plunged the empire of Meleparthos into chaos. He twisted the empire’s greatest heroes and leaders into horrors bent on destroying all that they had built. They shattered the empire and almost wiped out its people. But a group of heroes defeated the Witch-king and stopped his armies containing them in the old empire’s center cities. There they remained silent for a thousand years. The world believed the Witch-King dead and tried to rebuild but they could never regain the glory of the shattered empire and fought amongst themselves forgetting about the Witch-King’s threat. Now the Witch-King has awakened and sent his armies against the Shattered Empire once again. With the Witch-King’s return comes a new group of heroes chosen by Destiny and charged with stopping his plans and his army of sub-humans lead by Thul Zun and his orcs. Thul Zun hungers for the blood of mankind and has vowed to end the fairer races forever.

Divided by greed and war the kingdoms of man are the first to feel the Witch-King’s reach. The Protectorate lead by King Edward and Zury lead by King Ordel are the first targets of Thul Zun. The sub-humans start with the two capital cities Light bringer which Thul Zun’s forces must cross the Swamp of Thorns to get to and Zury which the sub-humans must breach the Serpent Wall to attack and both have held back the sub-humans for a thousand years. But the orcs new leader Thul Zun is not like any other of his kind and he has planned and studied and plotted for this campaign against the ones who trapped his people with the undead and worse at the end of the first war.

He will end the time of man and destroy the fairer races for their crimes against his people the true heirs of the Shattered Empire. He comes to take what belongs to him by right.

Thul Zun comes…

E. Markus Sharp


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