Death of the Mad Hatter – Book Review

Sarah J. Pepper has an unquenchable thirst for dark and twisted romance. She has always written titles which reflect this very passion to paranormal-ize a truly, dreamy, romantic narrative. Oh, it has happy endings alright, just not the traditional way. She believes that true love doesn’t have to include flowery gestures and chocolates, and loud declarations of new found, enlightened purpose of life. Real life love is a little different than that – why romanticize it out of bounds when it can be both good and naughty? Sometimes that tiara is bound to have some thorns too, princess. It still doesn’t mean you won’t get your perfect guy, life, and the whole shebang; it just won’t be “lovey dovey” in the typical sense.

Death of the Mad Hatter is an out of this world take on the characters from Alice in Wonderland. All of the same characters are present, just a tad crazier than originally intended. It’s just a matter of time till someone gets rid of the king’s head and the Queen takes over the Red Court with a Bleeding Heart, and would continue to do so until Time decided to go ahead. The Reign of Terror would cease to continue once the chosen misfit battles the Red Queen. If she wins (is it a girl with a boy’s name or a boy with a girl’s?), everyone in Wonderland would be convinced to bow their Hat to her (or him?). The responsibility of convincing Alice that she’s the Heir completely falls on the shoulders of the One-Eyed Hare. Will he succeed? Once he does, only then will anything be able to move forward. Tick Tock.

The characters in this book are age old, the ones Lewis Carroll initially created, but each and every one of them is presented with an interestingly dark characteristic– which is what makes it all the more enticing. New developments in the story add tones of steamy romance which is definitely a refreshing take on the story. The book is completely insane – as it should be. And Pepper had outdone her own previous takes on fairytales, including Snow White Lies!

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