Secrets and Deceptions – Book Review

In her day to day life, Lorelei Confer can be seen living with her husband, dog and a Chihuahua. Her true passion lies in writing. From a very young age, Confer fell in love with writing and as a result of that love, she has penned down several mesmerizing stories that sound lyrical and often tell us about hopes and love.

Secrets and Deceptions (Saddle Creek Book 3) tells us the story of two lovers with a long past and a complicated relationship. It began when Avri Lawrence was a teenager and met Dillon Davidson for the first time. Several years pass by and they discover they are each other’s soul mates. The happiness though doesn’t last long as Avri has her heartbroken when her long time boyfriend and high school sweetheart leaves her to enlist in the army.

What used to seem so simple and straightforward in the past didn’t remain the same when Dillon returned 4 years later. This time around, they are both changed and different people. Avri is hiding secrets of her own and she is beginning to lose faith in Dillon. Dillon, on the other hand, is haunted by his career choice and perplexity of his decisions. He wants to be in the military but he doesn’t want to kill people. Hence, he finally makes the decision to end the deceptive job of special ops that had him chained and tortured for 18 long months. All he wants now is to spend time with Avri. However, things are a lot easier said than done as this time, they have secrets and deceptions brewing between them and it threatens their relationship.

Lorelei has a deeply affecting writing style that reels the readers in from the very first line. She writes touching and sometimes, tear-jerking tales of love and hope. Secrets and Deceptions (Saddle Creek Book 3) is everything you will expect it to be and more.

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