Steve’s Grace – Book Review

An author by choice, D.J. Mitchells’ first published novel titled Ordinary World, published in 2012, bagged great reviews which encouraged him further to take his writing more seriously than he initially did. Now a father to a beautiful son for whom he is always making up stories, he is working on more imaginative plots to show the world what stories he has rolled up his sleeves.

The story chronicles the life of Steve Grace, a man who isn’t bad but also up to no good either. He is a cheating husband, works for a shady company and hates religion. Whenever guilt takes over him, he satisfies his inner conscious by saying that every other man was like him.

But things are going to go bad when his trip to Las Vegas turns out to be nothing like he had anticipated. Now with no memory of his past, a marriage in jeopardy and a shame that haunts him, he looks at God for help and regrets dismissing Him so soon.

Later, when he finds himself in the bed at a mental hospital, his memories start to come back. After the realization of the extent of his sins hit him, he decides to dedicate his remaining life to the service of God. He helps the homeless, gives out food, becomes a member of the church and saves a young prostitute from the evils of the world.

But will his newly found faith bring him inner peace and make all his wrongs right?

Thought-proving, well-paced and engaging are three of the most important things in a book which D. J. Mitchell has on point in this incredibly unique thriller. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is one of those books that stay with one long after they have been finished. It will keep the readers guessing till the very end and will often make them cringe with disgust of the things the protagonist has going for himself. But all worth it once you are close to the end.

Some may call it’s an inspiring tale but it isn’t only inspiring; it also urges one to do some soul-searching within and figure out if they too are like Steve in one way or the other.

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