Discoveries in Bible Prophecy – Book Review

With a B.A. degree in history and journalism, Michael D. Fortner is a skilled analyst and researcher. Called to preach at a young age of just 20 years, he has the ability to look at the world from a unique perspective and bring an out-of-the-box approach to all his thinking and research. Discoveries in Bible Prophecy is his masterpiece that introduces readers to a better interpretation of the Bible prophecies.

Through this book, he has tried to tell his readers that the pretribulation Rapture theory is false and proved this bold statement using multiple explanations from the Bible prophecy.

Many other popular theories like that about the Four Horsemen and the role they are bound to play and or have been playing are also detailed out in this book of revelations. The interpretation of the four beasts with ten toes and horns is also a theory worth a read.

He then moves on to point the reader’s attention towards the Old Testament, suggesting that the symbolic interpretation of the two witnesses is Christianity and states that they can’t be killed until they have fulfilled their testimony which will mark the end of the Gospel Age.

Anyone who has been a fan of highly-researched data on god’s religion will find this book a terrific read and most certainly agree to what the author has scripted. To make it more authentic and believable, the author has successfully provided strong evidence to back each verse and its interpretation.

Michael has to be commended on his understanding of the bible and the readers will surely find themselves engrossed in the book that reads much like a story. Thought-provoking with possible warnings about the future scenarios, this one must top your next read list, if you haven’t started already.

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Serious Reading Rating
90 %