Religious 101 – Book Review

Earl F. Spangler has been pursuing his passion for writing since his early years. With 10 books accredited to his name, he acknowledges all sorts of issues that prevail in today’s society. Spangler’s works stand out due to his poetic style of writing. What’s admirable is the fact that Spangler taught this poetry to himself. Subject matters of his books range from grief to self-worth, from religion to abuse; basically, if there is an emotion that people struggle to handle, Spangler might have already pondered about it in his books.

Religious 101: Poetic stories regarding God and Salvation, is written with a younger audience in mind. As we go through our pre-school days to our high-school life, we are often confused and perplexed about the concept of right and wrong. When we are at a young age, our thoughts are jumbled about the existence of God. We hear what our adults have to say but at the same time, our own mind asks for answers.

These poetic stories are especially close to Spangler’s heart as he wrote this in his last year as he came back to church after a long absence. Spangler, in this book, offers stories related to two very prominent topics. As we struggle to understand the existence of god, we are also lost amid the chaos to our path towards salvation. What is it that gives us salvation? What is the right path to it? And why is it even important to reach a point of salvation? When all these questions keep us awake at night, it is a book like Religious 101: Poetic stories regarding God and Salvation that guides us to the right path.

Since Spangler writes with all his heart, he succeeds in striking the hearts of the readers. His thoughtful narratives trigger emotions and thoughts and allow us to ponder the meaning behind our existence.

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