The Universe Speaks a Heavenly Dialogue – Book Review

This sad yet uplifting narrative is written by author Kim Klein who was raised in Southern California, and went on to attend the University of California in Santa Barbara from where she did her Bachelor’s in Political Science. Later on, she went on to being hired in the California State Bar before eventually working with her husband in the real estate investment business as well as a number of high-tech companies which her husband owned. She graduated to the role of a stay-at-home mom after she gave birth to a daughter, Talia. However, her world was turned upside down with the untimely demise of her husband and daughter in a plane crash forcing her to devote the rest of her life to look for ways to communicate with her departed daughter in the afterlife.

The book emphasizes on the experiences of Kim which resulted from the death of her only daughter and gives the reader a unique perspective into the paranormal world. The book takes you through the journey of Kim and how she was able to communicate with her daughter after her death through the spirit world in her attempt to erase the sorrow which birthed from the fact that she would not be able to see her daughter again.

Through the several interactions between both of them which occurred directly and through other mediums, Kim shares what she has learned regarding the spirit world and the existence of a channel of communication between the dead and the living. Her work also offers help to others struggling from the loss of their loved ones by helping them channel their inner spirituality to talk to their dead.

This book is a very in-depth excerpt from the life of a once loving mom struggling to accept her daughter’s faith. It provides for an interesting read for those who believe in ghosts and spirits and are themselves struggling with the death of those they held close to their hearts.

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