God’s Focus on the Fatherless – Book Review

Dwight David Croy is a retired Army chaplain, an experienced pastor, and a teacher in a residential home for juvenile boys. He has been married for 33 years to his wife Karen, and lives in North Carolina, where he has used his position, given to him by god to influence the next generation. He graduated from Multnomah University, George Fox University, and Denver Seminary, and his book God’s focus on the fatherless is an exceptional thematic study, and guide, which provides a different perspective to church leaders who want to align their heart to the tune of god in our communities.

The book brings God’s exhortations, which include justice, presence, relationship, authority, compassion, brokenness, and fatherhood, etc, and exposes them in a study that is highly focused. It will help Christians to understand the compassionate heart of God, and the principles that are presented are both timeless and will be easily accessible to students and teachers of the Holy Bible. The perspective offered in the book, is going to create great ownership for the ministry that is present in the local community as well as the church. The main principles that are presented, will achieve corporate and personal change within the unique setting of the church.

The rich Christian experience and upbringing of Pastor Chaplain Dwight Croy has been brought forward in this book, which provides a detailed guide on how God addresses people who are fatherless. The study is nicely presented, prepared, and formatted as  a 12-week course, and is excellent material to be taught in small groups. It is going to inspire enthusiastic discussion, which will then quickly move towards practical application.

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