Even The Elect – Book Review

Even the Elect’ is a spiritual book by Tom Spence. A retired U.S Marine Corps officer, Spence has served as a United Nations Military Observer in places such as Kuwait and Iraq. A current resident of Oklahoma, Tom Spence has traveled all over the world. As a military officer, Spence served time in training, education, and command. Tom Spence was part of four Marine Divisions. Following his retirement from the military, Spence became a pastor, counselor, trainer, and writer. Tom Spence writes for many different online publications. To date, he has written over thirty books including ‘Even the Elect’. ‘Even the Elect’ is a book that talks about a biblical prophecy that has already been fulfilled.

The urgency with which first-century Christians revealed the Gospel is something most of us rarely think about. Most of us pay little heed to the fact that they ignored much of the crucial work before Christ’s return. According to many theologians, a world leader will reveal himself during the end times. The Leader will destroy the temple in Jerusalem and will follow the Jews into the desert. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware that all of this already happened in the first century. This ‘truth’ is what this book looks at.

‘Even the Elect’ takes you through scriptures that you might have ignored or not known about and also takes you on a journey through the dig sites of the first century churches. Directed by Kelly Justine, a young and brilliant archeologist, Biblical Scholar Jim Nations heads to a dig site in Jerusalem. A blood covered thorn is what Kelly unearths nears Golgotha. Initial lab tests indicate that only a single X chromosome is in the blood. This propels Jim to make the journey to Jerusalem. This book reveals so much ‘hidden’ truth which makes it a must read.

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