Shaken Awake – Book Review

Shaken Awake is a horror story written by Allen Madding, a professional writer, blogger, and guitarist. When he is not penning books, he loves riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, hiking, and traveling. He is also an accredited Information Technology specialist and lives with his wife in St. Petersburg, Florida. During the weekend, he works as a volunteer at Feed. ST. Pete, a community organization that provides food to the less fortunate in Pinellas County, Florida.

This is a story of a church located in downtown Atlanta that finds itself in a financial limbo. Unlike other churches in the area, its congregation is made up of aging and dwindling members. They are forced to shut down some parts of the building as well as dismiss staff members to meet their daily financial obligations. The financial problems also force them to halt all their programs and ministries except the adult Sunday school classes and morning worship service. Trouble begins when a homeless man freezes to death in the church’s sanctuary. This leaves the entire congregation with no option, but to reconsider their priorities and mission. In a bid to protect their reputation and credibility, they devise ways of keeping the incident away from the media.

Shaken Awake is a short novel that you can read in one sitting, but it is packed with a poignant message that will engross your attention from the first paragraph to the last. For instance, it will give you a new perspective about the homeless and less fortune in the society. The dilemma that the church finds itself in can also help modern churches to come up with new ways of ensuring that they preach the true gospel of Christ and paint a positive image of the religion to the community and the world as a whole.

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