Slave – Book Review

Slave is a fictional novel written by Adam Kugler and edited by Collen Kugler. Adam has been writing since he was in third grade and has won countless awards for his fictional and non-fictional masterpieces. His second novel titled The Keeper of Time helped him to get a solid footing in this highly competitive industry.

Slave is an intriguing fictional story that takes us back to the slavery era. The entire nation is hit hard by a strange course of evil spirits that threaten to wipe out humanity from the face of the earth. The experiences that we thought had little impact on our current lives come back to haunt us. The forces of darkness work tirelessly to ensure that their evil plans have a maximum impact on human beings. On the other hand, the community has to work together to fight off the evil spirits that are determined to make everyone a slave.

Slave is an exciting novel that will give you a better understanding of what happens to the victims of slavery. It also highlights the effects of past experiences on future occurrences. He uses his skills to describe the impacts of the evil spirits on the people. The suspense in each of the paragraph will grasp your attention and lure you to read the novel from the first page to the last continuously. The characters are well developed, courageous, determined, and charismatic. As you continue to read the book, you will get a clear understand of everything that they go through and their efforts to fight the spirits that choreograph the evil deeds.

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