Destination Transformation – Book Review

Destination Transformation is a Christian book by Anna M. Townsend. A mother of two children, Townsend is married to an army officer. She spent two years of her life in Nepal when her husband was commissioned there. She founded the Women without Roofs – a Nepal based charity – and she also runs it. To date, Townsend has written two books including Destination Transformation. It is a book that talks about the journey that one must take to reach the spiritual destination.

Destination Transformation is a book that does the unexpected. It will help you clearly see God’s plan for you. The book is written in a pretty straightforward and honest manner. This book narrates each step of the journey towards the spiritual destination; each chapter is like a new journey. Anyone who doesn’t have a clue where his or her life is headed will find this book as a gift.

Today, endless stream of bad news from radio, television, and Facebook fills our day. The news streams convey to us that the world is in trouble. We often feel clueless as to how to respond to multiple overwhelming problems that infiltrate our lives. Today, people have forgotten what Jesus would do when faced with adversity simply because the constant stories of gloom and doom don’t allow them to focus on ‘constructive’ things.

However, there is good news—God wants to change the world and he wants to do that through you. God can use you to make the world better even if you are hurt or don’t have all the answers. Allowing God to ignite the passion and fire in you that drives you to never give up, make changes and love more is the key here. Destination Transformation is a book that helps you to partner with God to make your life and the world better. It is definitely a book worth reading.

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