Word Play : A New Approach for Understanding – Book Review

The author of this remarkable self-discovery book Word Play: A New Approach for Understanding is Vivian Lee Snodgrass. For years, Vivian lived a life filled with lies and deceit but it is her true love for her Lord that she rose above them all and answered her true calling. Her ability to adapt to life’s toughest of circumstances offered her the strength to continue her journey to finding her Lord.

Word Play, as the title suggests, is a fascinating book that features an interactive game of finding God through words. Clues and guidelines are mentioned in the book as to how to begin playing the game. The ultimate goal to play the game is to find God and know Him better.

Readers must know that this book can’t be taken lightly. It is a book that will encourage them to think. The author also warns that there will be times that the book may seem too commanding, challenging all your notions, but it is only then that you truly begin to understand and more importantly, believe. According to her, this enlightenment of the mind will then make way for your belief to seep into your heart. Once you begin comprehending the clarity of God, you will soon start to understand his powers, she says. It’s Vivian’s take to understand God through words.

As the readers begin reading the book, they will soon see glimpses of Vivian’s love for her Lord in her writing style. In every chapter, on every other page, there is a lesson to be learnt.  But mind it, if readers are looking for a theological treatise, this will not satisfy them. It is simply a reminder of what it means to find God and the happiness it brings with itself once they find Him.

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