His (Desert) Story – Book Review

Sara Nicole, in the His trilogy, writes to illustrate God’s love in different settings and unique tales. His (Desert) Story is the first in the series and is an engaging read about the struggles of a simple shepherd and his relationship with his wife.

Habib is a shepherd who is competent as he has managed to increase his father’s flock manifold. He is also in love with his beautiful wife, Ariella, but the feeling isn’t mutual. Ariella despises her husband and wants him to leave her alone. So, the more he tries to woo her and make her love him back, she pushes him away and goes to men who aren’t good – men who show no restraint, discretion or respect.

It wasn’t enough that Ariella’s actions hurt her husband, she gets into a situation where Habib has to risk his flock, his honor, his fortune and his children and even his life to win her back and claim her heart as his.

There are bandit attacks, sword fights, privation and betrayal yet Habib’s story shows what it really means to love. Fear is the enemy of love and is a threat to all relationships. The book explores the pain of not being loved back by the people you love, of being stuck in the shackles of your past experiences, and God’s love for us.

With a well thought out and descriptive plot in a desert setting, biblical references that talk about God’s love and mercy, and Habib’s example of all he is willing to risk for the woman he loves, His (desert) story is a truly heart touching read that people of all ages will enjoy.

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