Because She’s A Lady! Expressions Of Worship by Faye Jones Howard

Because She’s a Lady…

She bows to authority.  The fear of the Lord is her armor, her shield and her strength.  Thus, the planting of the Lord produces fruit and more fruit.

She becomes God’s love in action.  She seeks, she brings, she rises, she provides, she considers, she perceives, she watches, she gives, she reaches, she extends, she makes, she supplies, she opens, she serves and she loves.

Let us celebrate this lady.  She will be honored above all who have come before her.  The secret is revealed.  There is a greater charm and a greater beauty in the lady who fears the Lord.

Indeed, her own works will sing her praises.

Because She’s A Lady is a moving collection of poetry, prayers, affirmations and inspirational lyrics that will touch the hearts of all who read it.

Award winning poet and songwriter, Faye Jones Howard is known for the simplicity of her words.  It is her hope that readers will get a glimpse of not only “Faye’s Heart”, but their own, as they relate to everyday worship experiences.

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