The Chest of Visions: Secrets of Caperston

A new edition of “The Chest of Visions” has been completed. It includes a feature called “X-ray”. This feature offers the reader an opportunity to receive a description of individuals in the story as well as a definition of common terms used. It is a feature that is fun to explore.

The Chest of Visions is a story of youth from Earth and youth from a similar, yet alien world in a parallel universe, sharing their adventures, their hopes, their fears and their dreams. Each group is supportive of the other and change is rapidly coming to the alien world.

The world of Caperston is much like Earth except for one thing. The people there have no concept of God or a caring creator. When a prophet emerges, young people gravitate towards him while their parents are resistive. Social change is on the way.

The youth from Caperston and Earth communicate in a penpal-like correspondence via e-mail messaging. Drama emerges as the prophet and a scientist from Caperston compete to see who can bring relief to their world. Youth from Earth share their support of Caperston youth and their struggles. It is a fast paced story with Biblical parables shared in the Caperston environment.

The book ends with nine suggested  lessons that can be used in Christian youth group settings.

The cost of this particular kindle edition is $3.49 a book. Please note that these KDP kindle editions can also be read on an I-pad.



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