Deck Time with Jesus

New Book Addresses Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Charlotte, N.C.—Divorce, death, job loss, illness, accidents and financial reversals are just some of the storms affecting virtually every human being. When awful events occur—often without warning—people often ask: “Why is this happening to me? Why now? What is the purpose of this tragedy?”

In his new book, Deck Time with Jesus: Navigating Life’s Storms from a Place of Peace and Rest, an Amazon bestseller, Nate Stevens explores the adversity of Jesus and several other biblical characters as compass points for readers to navigate their own life storms as opportunities for faith and personal growth.

Stevens, who spent nine years working on Deck Time with Jesus, is an avid, lifelong student of Scripture—having read the Bible cover to cover more than 25 times. The book title refers to Mark 4:35-41 when Jesus and His frightened disciplines were sailing and in danger of being swamped by an unexpected squall. Jesus challenged the disciples to have faith—to rest peacefully with Him—before He calmed the wind and waves.

Stevens, the son of missionary parents, uses his book to answer such questions as:

  • Could tragic circumstances be divine reminders that we are but one heartbeat away from meeting God face to face?
  • What can people do when a stormy day or two extends into weeks, months or years?
  • What are the five primary categories of life storms and why do they occur?
  • At Easter, what takeaways can be learned from the horrible storms Jesus faced on the cross?


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