Accidental Heaven

What if Heaven were a real, physical place…right now?  Although written as fiction, Author Michael McKinsey, incorporates real life experiences to examine this question.

Michael Owens is head of research and development for San Diego’s Sem-Con, the nation’s largest defense contractor.  With a wife, four children, a long-lasting belief in God, and a challenging career, his life has been quiet and productive.  Enter Dane Robinson, all-star college baseball pitcher and his new assistant, freshly transplanted from the East Coast.  As a lifelong man of faith, Michael is immediately drawn into a battle of theories with Dane, whose own life has given him a skeptic’s posture towards matters of belief.

Join readers from the 26 countries around the world in which Accidental Heaven is now sold as they follow the course of Michael and Dane’s relationship!  These two unlikely friends voyage through life, love, tragedy, and personal growth, and as their lives become more and more entwined, they chart a collision course with both each other and the world as a whole.  After a host of  visions, conversations with God, and even a near-death experience, this collision course culminates in a discoveries that will rock the Christian faith, and the physical world to its core!

This fast-paced novel, inspired by the author’s personal journey through faith, family, and tragedy will touch readers with its sincerity of emotion, and its veracity.  The rigor of its inquiry may bring readers to question their own perspectives on faith and science and, perhaps, to grow a little closer to discovering meaning in their own life, and faith in their own hearts.

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