Life Is a Garden Party

From generations that toiled in the soil, Judy Janowski also finds inspiration there.  One summer she was visiting with an elderly neighbor when a seed thought was planted in her mind.  That phrase kept germinating in her mind until she finally wrote it down.  It took root as a rhyme.  She didn’t know she could write in rhyme.  Perhaps an inherited gift as her dad wrote jingles.  Prior to writing, she had several surgeries rerouting the blood supply to her brain.  Perhaps these surgeries for an AVM had something to do with being able to write in rhyme.  One afternoon when coming in from yard work, the title “Life Is a Garden Party” sprouted in her mind.  Soon a book was formatted just from what was growing in her yard.  Writing a book was never planned.  It wrote itself.

Life Is a Garden Party is a family read, partly instructional, whimsical, inspirational, personal.   Life Is a Garden Party encompasses three genres: gardening, spiritual, and poetry.

Photos from Judy Janowski’s garden and poems are posted weekly on her blog at

More than 7 gardening books have been written (three published at this writing), a Christmas book, and more than 60 children’s books are waiting to be published.

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