I Know Who These People Were

Elongated skulls have been discovered all over the world. The Urantia Book states Adam and Eve’s descendants had elongated heads, and so did the Nodites, people of the land of Nod, descendants of the Nephilim and they were the sons of God of Genesis 6:4 where sons of God had children by the daughters of men. Adam and Eve were not the first two people on earth read Genesis 4:8-17 carefully. Forty elongated skulls some with red hair still intact were found in Lovelock, Nevada inside a cave and they were believed to be seven to eight feet tall. Also 3,000 years old elongated skulls with red hair still intact were discovered in Nazca Peru─more proof that Adam and Eve’s descendants traveled all over the world─to spread their genes. When geneticist analyzed the genes of the elongated skulls, they found the genes contain genetic material unknown in any human, primate, or animal.

Adam and Eve came to our planet as biological up-lifters. Bodies were made for them when they arrived on our planet by beings from a higher universe called Avalon (a universe neighbor to our universe). These beings were called Avalon surgeons. They took plasma from the more advanced tribes of our planet and with some type of genetic engineering created bodies made of the dust of the ground (chemical of the earth) that were much more advanced than the humans of that time. Adam and Eve incarnated into those bodies just as we did before we were born, with the help of angels. The spirit of God breathed the breath of life into those forms and they became living beings. Our ancient ancestors didn’t know about genetic engineering and such, so they said God did it. To them those advanced beings were gods. This book is based on The Urantia Book and it has all that we need to know about and the universe.

Lucas A Seeker

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