Go Forth, I Am My Brother’s Keeper

Norma J. Edwards-Merriweather is the wife of a Baptist Minister.  She teaches both a children’s Bible Study Class and is the facilitator for a class for ladies at the church that her husband pastor’s. She is also involved in several outreach ministries which include providing  items to a home for women and children who are victims of domestic violence as well as providing essential items to newly released incarcerated women.

Norma states that she was inspired by the Lord to writ both her present book as well as her previous book which is entitled “Commissioned by God”. Norma is a registered nurse by profession and her medical knowledge is often reflected in her books.

The lessons in this book consist of topics ranging from controversial present day issues to just plain situations that people find themselves caught up in.  Whether the issue is one’s job, family, community or is church related, they are discussed in a Christian like manner supported by scriptural references.  The book is written as if the author is speaking directly to the reader.  Norma states, “the solution to the current problems facing people were given to her spiritually by the Lord and are the essence of the book.  I feel that He is using me to get His message out to His people of how He wants us to be more responsible in our treatment and behavior toward our fellowman and thus the title of the book, ‘Go Forth, I Am My Brother’s Keeper'”.

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