Poems Stories and Prayers of the Heart

During the time of those last three major surgeries eight weeks apart, while in rehab, my younger brother Bob passed suddenly, without any warning at all. I was crushed, and needed to take time alone with God.
After receiving so many emails and requests’ to come back, I decided to have my blog printed into a book, and rework it and turn it into what you are now holding in your hands.

I hope you all receive what it is you seek; joy, peace, love, comfort, friendship, light and wisdom, or maybe a little of each. At least then all this confusion and heartache will have been well worth it, as it turns out it is always God’s best, though at times beyond our human understanding.

I wish you all a wonderful journey, and I am glad we get to share some part of our path, for it is often the little things shared that bestow life’s greatest impact.

The world needs as many bright lights and places to find hope and love, for we can never have to much of either. I pray my book can be a candle in that chandelier. Hugs and smiles Columbia

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