Intoxicated by Amber

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Sadly in a country where, according to the NIAAA, 15.1 million people have an alcohol use disorder and an estimated 88,000 people die yearly because of alcohol, many of us probably know a person(s) who has battled with alcohol use.

In a book called “Intoxicated By Amber,” author Velda Myles details her whirlwind romance with the love of her life, Robert, and his love affair with “Amber,” better known as alcohol.

Told through the eyes of a person watching “Amber” destroy Robert’s life, Velda uses journal entries from their time together to tell Robert’s story, as well as her own.

You can feel the emotions, the love, the happiness, the pain, the anger, the sadness in every page.

“Intoxicated by Amber” is a book anyone from any background can relate to because it’s real.

Thank you, Velda, for putting yourself out there. Hopefully because of your honesty, one less person will have to suffer the immeasurable loss you were forced to endure.

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