Heal Your Soul History: Activate the True Power of Your Shadow – Book Review

Author, spiritual empath, and shaman extraordinaire Tracee Dunblazier possesses the kind of skills found in very few people. Dunblazier specializes in energy dynamics, and connects it with grief and healing. Her vivid and clear understanding on the subject has made her very successful in counselling, empowering, and helping people recover from soul injuries.  Dunblazier has dedicated herself to learning and exploring all aspects of the subject, and consequently shares her understanding with the world through speaking, writing, and counselling.  Over the years Dunblazier has penned down many articles and blogs about her new experiences and connections. Her biggest undertaking so far is her book Heal Your Soul Story: Activate the True Power of Your Shadow.

The Demon Slayer’s Handbook Series touches upon reincarnation, and how people who go through this perplexing experience can come to terms with it, and can live their current life in peace and harmony. The book is a guide for both, the believers and non-believers of reincarnation, as Dunblazier discusses spirituality extensively and how each unique soul endures it differently.  The author believes that better understanding of self always leads to a better life.  The book counsels the readers to empower themselves and know their own strengths, by fighting the evil spirits from the underworld, hence the name–Demon Slayer’s Handbook.

The book is worded in a straightforward style and has easy-to-understand explanations. The author’s aim is not to become a wordsmith but rather a spiritual guide for the souls gone astray. This handbook is a combination of the author’s personal experiences and case histories. The book also provides an insight into many practices and techniques and the author’s knowledge of them. The book is for everyone who is trying to find a new perspective on the mysteries of life, and particularly for people who find human nature fascinating.

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