Master Your Inner World: Embrace Your Power with Joy – Book Review

There isn’t much to say about authors like Tracee Dunblazier, whose work itself speaks for the kind of writing specialists they are. An LA-based shaman, spiritual empath, public speaker and author, Tracee specializes in the teaching of energy dynamics and how they have the power to rule us. It is her ideas and words that make her such a popular and favorite person among her fans. This book too is a testament of the greatness and creativity that can be expected from her.

In her book, Tracee tries to bring every reader’s attention to their inner demons and how they are consuming the life we are given. She talks about being haunted by them and urges readers to identify what they are, why they are, and how we can fight them off. The reader is the slayer and the demons are – well, demons. Call it a self-help book or a guide, as it serves both purposes, Tracee wants her readers to understand and acknowledge the things that make them fearful. According to her,  acknowledgment of knowing you are fearful is half the success itself. She uses the multiple energy dimensions to help readers understand the profound power we all have in ourselves, but rarely know about.

She further goes on to explain how our relationships are affected by the choices we make – either to be brave or live the life of a coward. By knowing what holds us back, we allow ourselves a choice; either to stay a coward or go fully-charged into combat with our inner demons.

The readers will find that the number of methods, both ancient and modern, Tracee uses to lay evidence to her theories are indeed very believable. They all teach of how one can release themselves from the soul-devouring parasites within us.

Any reader who is in desperate need of some slaying or wishing or wants to help someone else slay their inner demons must get their hands on this book ASAP. Whether you start off with an open or closed mind, are at rush or at peace, reading with a light or heavy heart, Tracee’s book will always offer the direction you need in life.

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