The 48 Laws of Power – Book Review

People call it the “Con man’s guide to the big bad world” and not a single word is untrue. Brilliantly scripted by the evil genius himself, Robert Greene, the 48 Laws of Power debuted in the 1998 as a bestseller portraying the world as a contemptuous snake pit of mind games and treachery. Many people assume that, because the book has been envisaged so exceptionally well, the author himself must be the part of the problem, but he isn’t. He is the solution. Robert Greene’s books are summoned every time war historians as well as the greatest of musicians want to dig deep into the functioning of the business world and find the most provocative and undeniably truth answers. And they are all there – the human mind just needs to perceive and learn the trait.

This remarkable piercing work by Greene encases millennia of history of power into 48 elucidating rules, or as he puts it, “laws”. The content is attention-grabbing right to the core and the bold laws with their beautiful, unvarnished charm blends the philosophies of Sun-tzu, Machiavelli, Carl von Clausewitz, and such other prodigious thinkers. The 48 Laws of Power preach of prudence, the virtues of furtiveness, complete absence of mercy, and more, fascinating readers to defend or gain sovereignty over the world.

The best thing about this book is the inexplicitly collection of philosophical and history anecdotes. These amoral, insensible laws make the most sense and yet so uncommon in their own beautiful way. It’s no more a dilemma between the right and the wrong and everything that’s in between; in fact the laws urges the mind to tackle situations regardless of their unethical consequences. It is considered a masterpiece if you want to learn the art of accepting and defying the limits of powers in any given situation.

Robert Greene must surely be superhuman to have written something that is so powerful and out-of-control, and most importantly, captivating in the most cunning of ways.

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