In Bed with Wall Street – Book Review

Larry Doyle is an experienced guy when it comes to Wall Street. He has worked in the field for over 30 years, and in various aspects of the field. After retiring from the Wall Street business, he founded his personal investment advisory practice in Connecticut to impart his age old wisdom onto new and inexperienced investors. Aside from his business, he regularly writes on the subjects of markets, general economy, Wall Street, and Washington – all of which can be found on his blog named Sense on Cents. In Bed with Wall Street is just a little window opening directly into his intimate experience with the world of Wall Street.

The book takes us back to the era of ultimate recession during the biggest downfall Wall Street had ever experienced, in the year of 2008 – the downfall which shook the country from its roots to the branches. Even though a major shift was taking place on the upper level of the nation’s economy, the general masses of the U.S. refused to understand what it was and what the consequences might entail. So many convictions took place that the scene was basically run from behind the bars.

Larry Doyle has explored a less exposed area, and used his Wall Street expertise to track down professionals and the patterns for years – one can find the progress on his blog, which is where he posted the little and huge criticisms alike. The blog mostly revolves around the wrongdoings of the Wall Street professionals, politicians, and regulators. It’s about how they exploited the means of their investors while constantly keeping them in the dark.

Larry’s way of providing much needed wakening is so subtle that one does not need to look any further than read his words and you will understand loud and clear what his message is.

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