Israel Committed Genocide…! Really?

Fallacy of Academic and Political Accusations against Israel Concerning Palestinian Genocide Prompts New Book.

Dispelling ignorance is the goal.

Jack Frank Sigman, who has lectured on genocide at several universities and the SW Florida Holocaust Museum, has written a book meant to dispel the public ignorance that surrounds the multiple accusations that Israel has ever committed genocide.

Israel Committed genocide…! Really? deals with the various organizations and individuals who have made such charges. Chapters are devoted to several significant figures such as Ilan Pappe, Alison Weir, Norman Finkelstein, and Francis Boyle. Other chapters deal with organizations such as the United Nations, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal and others.

During Jack’s pursuit of his graduate degree in international relations, he noted numerous case studies concerning the history of post-World War II states whose independence were preceded by what appeared to be an act of genocide visited upon them either by a colonial power or by the original state from which they were attempting to secede. This group of states includes, among others, Kosovo, Bangladesh, and East Timor.  However, there are other groups that have undergone similar genocidal episodes, such as the Chechens (from Russia) and the Tamils (from Sri Lanka) who appear to be nowhere close to independence. A comparative study of the historical record of these independence movements was the basis for Jack’s Master thesis; Genocide: A Prerequisite for Separatist Movement Success?

Delving deeper into the subject matter, as pertaining to the Palestinians, Jack came to the conclusion that the publicity was far more important than the act itself, and that any episode wherein civilians died could be blown out of proportion. Further, while involved, surreptitiously, in a conference call of members of the Palestinian support umbrella group, End the Occupation, Jack posed a serious question; If the charge of Apartheid cannot be held up to serious scrutiny, why charge it at all? The answer? “Nothing else has worked.” So it is with the unwarranted charge of genocide. This book will show you why the charge of genocide cannot be held to serious scrutiny.

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