COPS vs. The Constitution: The Neo-Progressive Exploitation of Law Enforcement

COPS vs. The Constitution is a heavily researched, Current Affairs book that takes a philosophical and academic approach to the “taking for grantedness” of Law Enforcement by Politicians, Special Interests, Bureaucrats, Lawyers, and Corporate Lobbyists, who then create the modern Legal System. Operating from within this legal system, the cop’s Oath to uphold the Constitution and to enforce its mandated Rule of Law becomes virtually impossible. Instead, what we have is the enforcement of a neo-progressive legal system, which undermines the very foundational principles of our Republic, such as the “Separation of Powers.” Contrary to the security of the fundamental rights and liberty of the individual, authoritarian collectivism, forced economic activity, social engineering and the legal plundering of property are being forced onto the American people through the exploitation of law enforcement. This is happening at all levels of American government, while systematically advocating the necessity of such “policy” for the public’s safety and for national security. This book is not a negative critique of law enforcement, but rather a philosophical critique of its exploitation by way of this new style of “progress.”

Contents: Foreword by Sheriff Tracy Carter, Lee County, NC


Chapter 1 – The Rise of Liberty and it’s Rule of Law:

Hobbes vs. Locke – Spirited Debates – Civilized Society – Public Education – Rights – Equality – Give an Inch, a Mile is Taken

Chapter 2 – Property:

What is Property? – The Law – Blackstonian Theory – Redistribution of Wealth – Guns – Self-Ownership – Civil Asset Forfeiture

Chapter 3 – The Rule of Law vs. The Legal System:

The Supremacy Clause vs. Pursuance Thereof – The Oath – Surveillance – The War on Terror – The Moral Compass vs. Qualified Immunity – The Color of Law – Liberal and Conservative Enforcement

Chapter 4 – Revolution:

Virtue – Revolution Prerequisites – Silent Encroachments – Revolutionary Acts – The End Game

The Declaration of Independence

The US Constitution

The Bill of Rights

End Notes

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