Thou Shall Not Take Our Land, Volume 1: It Begins


Author James Dick takes us forward to Alachua County, Florida in 2033 where a group of citizens, a band of brothers and sisters led by retired Marine John Argyle and his elderly father, Angus, battle against entrenched government as they fight against an unconstitutional land grab.  They come upon it by accident but, as the book unfolds, the Argyles realize the action is much bigger than just a local situation, it ultimately impacts the nation as well.

The father and son duo do their homework, challenge the local authorities with the help of their organized group of rural patriots, and then find that the situation was initiated from above, originating at the federal government level but with concurrence of state authorities.  And as the political battle of words becomes intense, the authorities begin to provide physical intimidation as well. To respond, the citizens develop their own intelligence network with links to American patriots in high places as well and find that the President is the silent instigator with help from the New World Order.

Could a situation like this happen in America in the not-too-distant future?  No one can say today.  But with the level of animosity, violence and vitriol between competing groups in the country today, it shouldn’t be ruled out.  And the Agenda 21 project of the United Nations remains active today among the power elites of the world.

Author James Dick, a former Army officer, civilian government staffer and retired private sector business man, has written the book to build awareness of Americans.  If we want to remain free, Americans must remain vigilant to the yearning for power of politicians. To do otherwise is to surrender that freedom.  If you like fiction and political action, this is an excellent read.


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