Ultimate Symmetry

This is the third volume in the Single Monad Model of the Cosmos series. The second volume introduced the Duality of Time Theory, which provided elegant solutions to many persisting problems in physics and cosmology, including super-symmetry and matter-antimatter asymmetry. In addition to uniting the principles of Relativity and Quantum theories, this theory can also explain the psychical and spiritual domains; all based on the same discrete complex-time geometry.

Super-symmetry, and quantum gravity, are realized only with the two complementary physical and psychical worlds, while the spiritual realm is governed by hyper-symmetry, which mirrors the previous two levels together, and all these three realms mirror the ultimate level of absolute oneness that describes the symmetry of the divine presence of God and His Beautiful Names and Attributes.

This “ULTIMATE SYMMETRY” is a modern scientific account of the same ancient mystical, and greatly controversial, theory of the “Oneness of Being” that is often misinterpreted in terms of “pantheism“, but it is indeed the concluding gnostic knowledge of God and creation. Otherwise, how can we understand the origin of the cosmos, with both or either of its corporeal and incorporeal realms, without referring to its Originator!

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