A Tightening Noose – Book Review

B. K. Berrell always lived with a passion for writing and when the chance finally presented itself, he gave us his first book titled A Tightening Noose. A Tightening Noose is just the first one among many more to come. His unique style of prose along with his skills of creating suspense with the readers ensures that he will stay in the literary world for a long time. Somehow, Berrell managed to write a fictional novel that is eerily close to today’s contemporary world.

A Tightening Noose is a captivating tale of two men living on the fringes of American society. One is a reclusive combat veteran and the other is an outlaw biker, formerly a prize fighter. When a series of events bring the two under the law’s spotlight, the federals began to dig into their past. The investigation brought out each of their long-buried ghosts which neither of them was too happy about. Regardless, as their life is brought under the scrutiny, they begin to draw dangerously close to a convoluted conspiracy, the ramifications of which would affect more than their individual lives; it had the possibility of affecting the world at large and not in a good way. As the veteran and outlaw biker begin to fall deeper and deeper into this conspiracy, they begin to face facts they never thought existed. Events that they only thought happened in bad dreams and consequences which neither of them was prepared for.

When a tale is filled with mysteries, conspiracies and builds anticipation at every turn, no one likes a long dragged story. Good for us that Berrell knows this as his thriller is as fast paced as a reader would want it to be, making it a page turner that many readers wouldn’t be able to resist reading in one sitting, even if they had to lose their night’s sleep over it.

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