Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder – Book Review

Here is the ultimate booklover’s classic preference; a story about romance, mystery and murder. Just the look of these books makes one drool on the idea of a wonderful romance doomed for eternity. We want to judge this one by its cover. Author MaryAnn Kempher is no stranger to the perfect recipe of exactly what the reader deems their money’s worth. She is a renowned author of bestsellers and this is her very first book in the genre.

Kempher brings the age old question to light in yet another uncomfortable session of trying to figure out the answer for yourself; can a man and a woman really be just friends? She then spins the wheel of fabric in full throttle as the story weaves itself in a rom-com slash murder-mystery slash get-a-room-already tale.

The book is about a 28-year old woman, Katherine, who just got out of a serious relationship and like any normal girl would think at the point, she decided that love isn’t for her. There enters Scott, who has similar issues; so clearly, we are left booing at the pages for why on earth isn’t there a romantic spark between the two. Then enters Verna, Scott’s new date, and the spark sure does burn like the green wild fire in George R.R. Martin books. Katherine, all of a sudden, becomes jealous. Fast forward some pages and she is found to become a murder witness with a target on her back.

Those are not even the spoilers! Kempher has so much in store for the readers that the book will have you giggling, biting your teeth and reaching for the tissues as you scream in your head for the two of the main characters to end up together.

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Serious Reading Rating
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