Obsidian – Book Review

This is another great book by Sherri Fulmer Moorer whose love for writing has led her to indulge her passion for books in the past—to some endearing results. She always wanted to share stories with her readers. She takes great pride in being the part of the newer generation who have become interested in the eBook revolution that is sweeping the nation and is changing the face of literature. Sherri Fulmer Moorer is interested in a variety of genres, but she is most attracted to stories that sound strange and silly and not so conventional. She wants to break tradition by introducing her readers to the stories that emerge from the recesses of her imagination.

Tanger Falls, Tennessee as been haunted by a grueling case and Detective Claire Barnes take a breath of relief because after three and a half year it’s coming to an end. The accused will stand trial in what is being dubbed as an open and shut federal case. Detective Claire is ready to start rebuilding her town and to relax. She is read to get back to her life before the horrors of that case struck her quaint little town.

Everything is going as it should before a highly technical detail is brought forward by intervention to change the evidence. Claire starts having nightmares, bringing her to an edge and compelling her to relive the horrors of that case again. Ruby Josen emerges from the shadows and her story intertwines with Clair’s into a saga of supernatural and paranormal thriller. They race against time to save disappearing evidence and their sanity. Someone wants to see Clair and her town fall apart and she is desperate to find out who that is.

Readers who appreciate mystery shrouded in thrill and horror will like this novel a lot. The gripping tale of destruction of lives threatening to close its grasps over the characters in this book will make readers personally attached to them. Readers will be able to observe the growth and evolution of characters over a short time.

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Serious Reading Rating
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