Visions Through a Glass, Darkly – Book Review

Visions through a Glass, Darkly’ is a novel which took 10 years to perfect. David I. Aboulafia has painstakingly corrected and tweaked every little detail and produced a masterpiece that will thrill the nation and cement his name in the literary world as a force to be reckoned with. The author has created a novel where fear ends and horror begins.

The story starts with Richard Goodman who is the caretaker of an exceptional institution that specializes in the art of training he disabled youth in watchmaking. However, he hides a dark secret and he is not just any ordinary administrator. He possesses extra sensory powers, gifted to him by a gypsy. He neither knows how to control them nor does he understands them to their full potential. An innocent outing to the Coney Islands leaves him with yet another terrifying curse.

He was gifted with a terrible ability and was foretold a prophecy that he will die in three days. The clock of his life starts counting down as he grasps at straws and gets ready to battle the unknown threat that emerges in his life. His helplessness is maximized as an assassin emerges who has taken upon his self to destroy each and everything hat Richard love, knows and is familiar with. His only aim is to find who the killer is and t stop him before is heart does.

This novel will grip you from the start and won’t let you go until the end, as it will become more and more interesting. The author will take the readers on an amazing journey where he will explore the terrifying territory of suspense that will force you to question everything that the author lays bare.

If the readers think this is just another suspense novel, they couldn’t be more wrong as it will heighten their senses, and keep them on edge without scaring them to bits. Although it’s a psychological horror novel it is one of the strangest you will have ever read. Every time you will want to put the book down something else will reel you right back in. It will be a thrilling ride of events that will reel the main character’s suffering and struggle with internal as well as external events.

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Serious Reading Rating
95 %