Black Ice – Book Review

The beautiful book has been composed by famous writer Greg Enslen. He currently lives in Ohio and has a number of books to his credit. He is the author of several novels including Black Ice, Binge Guides, Games of Thrones and A Field of Red. His story always embarks on a new concept and he always contributes something new to arts and literature. His books are famous for their mysterious characters, thrill and suspense. He is extremely grateful to his closest relatives and friends for the help they provided while he was working on his new script.

Black Ice is also a suspense novel filled with puzzle, passion and mysteries. It is a must read for everyone. It is the second book in the series of the Frank Harper Mysteries Books. The plot revolves around Ex-cop Frank Harper who has come back to Cooper’s Mill. This winter, he wants to spend some time with his beloved family. However, something goes seriously wrong in Ohio. On his conquest to deliver something to a lady, he finds himself in the midst of a suspense and mysterious story. He learns about a recent murder and has no way but to search for more answers. His objective is to find a local couple that has disappeared all of a sudden and discover what has happened to them.

How will the quest for more information on a hideous crime pan out for Frank Harper? Will the search for a murderer cost him something he holds extremely dear? The story is fast-paced and you won’t get bored turning the pages. The plot awakens desire, curiosity, suspense and interest in a reader. The characters have been drawn very carefully and complete fit their respective descriptions.

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