A Beast in Venice – Book Review

A Beast in Venice is a dark fiction novel by Michael E. Henderson. He lives in Venice with his wife, Karen. In his early years, Michael E. Henderson practiced law in Maryland and served in the US Navy. To date, he has written three books including The Ghost of Caroline Wald, Self-portrait of a Dying Man, and A Beast in Venice. This book is about an American painter who, in his struggle to succeed, ends up becoming a ghoul.

The chief protagonist is Brigham Stone, a former lawyer and an artist, who lives in Venice. Along with his struggle to learn the local language, he is having a hard time getting a representation in a gallery to display his work. At the same time, there are strange, unexplainable things happening on the streets of Venice, which are believed to be the work of terrifying, ghost-like creatures known as “shroud eaters”.

As Brigham Stone is desperate to make his name in the world of art, he luckily comes across Charles Raymond. Charles is a rich old patron, with a taste for art and bank accounts full of money. Although he seems like a normal wealthy person, Charles has a sinister side, which not many people know. But, little does Brigham know that the help he will get from Charles will cost him more than his life. During this time, Brigham meets a young beautiful woman who shows him the dark side of the city of Venice and takes him to the underground world of vampires and ghouls.

Will Brigham be able to fight with the evil that lurks in the shadows of Venice? Will he be able to keep his humanity intact and save his marriage? A Beast in Venice is undoubtedly a thrilling, dark novel, with details and scenes written in such a way that it will send chills down the readers’ spines. It is a great work of dark fiction and is a must read.

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