The Boat Man – Book Review

The Boat Man is undoubtedly a thriller you want to read, especially if you love novels where their authors step out of the ordinary and take their time to develop the main characters into unbelievably people. It is quite refreshing to know that The Boat Man is more than the regular thriller you can read online. Dustin Stevens takes his audience by surprise by creating intense situations, intelligent characters and a brilliantly written story with plenty of twists and turns, mystery, suspense and action.

The plot of The Boat Man revolves around Detective Reed Mattox and his partner, a Belgian Malinois. Instead of being able to put distance between him and the outside world, Detective Mattox finds himself dragged into a virtual bottomless pit where he has to solve the mystery of horrific murders in a poverty-stricken section in his town.

This intense story where Detective Mattox is attempting to lay low due to his real partner’s murder, but ends up locked into a serial murder investigation can only mean two words for genre fans: suspense and thrill.

Dustin Stevens has managed to write a book on a subject that has generated a lot of controversy over the years. The author does not only present facts, but goes deeper into the hearts of his characters and shows how tragedies can break a person. Something inside everyone of us can break once a loved one is taken from us in a violent and senseless way.

The Boat Man is an astounding story written by an awesome author. Dustin Stevens manages to create a fast-paced novel that keeps the readers on their toes waiting for the next chapter. The excitement as the story unfolds is definitely something beyond words. There is no doubt that “The Boat Man” by Dusting Stevens is a must read by all thriller genre fans.

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